Spiral classifier

Spiral classifier is beneficiation equipment. Because of the principle that solid particles with different specific gravity will get different deposition rate in liquid, spiral classifier can realize mechanical classification effectively. This machine takes advantages of simple structure and reliable running.


  • 1. Simple structure, reliable running and easy operation.
    2. It mechanically classifies through the mechanism of different sedimentation speed of solid particle in liquid due to different size and different specific gravity.
    3. It can classify the ground material powder from the grinder, spiral the coarse grain into material inlet of grinder through the spiral chip, and discharge the classified fine grain from overflow surface.
    4. Its base is made from channel steel, and its body is welded from steel plate.
    5. The lower support of spiral bearing is of engine-bearing structure of good wear-resistance and durability.
    6. The lifting device is of electric and manual mode.


Widely used in combine with ball grinder into closed circulation for ore-sand separation in the ore separation plant; classify ore sand and fine sludge in gravity ore separation plant; classify the grain of ore pulp at the metal ore separation process; and remove sludge/water at the ore separation process.

Technical Data

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